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New human-focused leadership and management programme with Stephanie Davies

“I think that my job is to observe people and the world, and not to judge them.” – Haruki Murakami Through our experience as organisational consultants and leadership developers, we’ve noticed an increase in people struggling with the human aspects of their work and the emotional impact it has on them and others around them. […]

Interested in my research study?

I am interested in the particular dynamics affecting  leadership in organisations or networks that engage with the public on climate change. To study this, I am convening a co-operative inquiry group whose members are exploring and learning about leadership together. The aim is to improve understanding of what characterises leadership in organisations or networks that […]

Noticing leadership

Edward Kellow and I wrote another blog recently in relation to our leadership programme for NCVO. It’s published on the NCVO blogspot here. Tweet

Learning about leadership: up, down and sideways

How can leaders learn the high-level capabilities they will need in the next decade? Charity leadership is a complex business. Charity leaders in the 2020s will find themselves working at the edge of what they know: indeed perhaps many already are. There are no silver leadership bullets: not even donated ones. Which is why charity […]

Learning for Good and Kellow Learning collaborate with NCVO on leadership development for charities

We’re delighted to be working with Edward Kellow of Kellow Learning and with the National Council for Voluntary Organisations on a brand-new leadership programme for charity leaders in the 2020s. We’re blogging about the programme as it takes shape. You can follow Edward’s blogs on the Kellow Learning blog page, and our joint blogs on […]