New human-focused leadership and management programme with Stephanie Davies

“I think that my job is to observe people and the world, and not to judge them.” – Haruki Murakami

Through our experience as organisational consultants and leadership developers, we’ve noticed an increase in people struggling with the human aspects of their work and the emotional impact it has on them and others around them. For instance, we are often called to support managers who have high levels of staff turnover or sickness in their teams, or high levels of staff conflict. This programme helps leaders to explore the complexities of the emotions that exist in their organisations and affect the day-to-day work. These emotions can be surprisingly strong, and the human tendency to want to push them out of the workplace often has the unexpected effect of making them stronger and more interruptive of the work.

This programme, run in partnership with Stephanie Davies, is designed using the concepts of behaviour as communication, and emotions as data. We invite participants to explore their lived experience of their own and others’ behavioural communication at work, asking:

  • What function does this behaviour serve?
  • What need does this meet (in me/others)?
  • What might this tell us about…?
  • How can we work with it?

The aim of this exploration is to create leaders who are emotionally aware and who understand the way in which emotions can both help and hinder their teams’ ability to work collaboratively towards a shared goal. Throughout the programme, theory is linked with practice, so that participants are able to take practical and tangible actions – resulting in meaningful and sustainable changes.

The programme can be tailored to your organisation’s needs, based on a diagnostic and review process which includes interviews and observation. It runs over three or four half- or one-day modules, with reflective work in between the modules.

If you have noticed leaders and managers in your organisation struggling with the human aspects of organisational life and you would like to explore how we could support them, please get in touch.


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