Interested in my research study?

I am interested in the particular dynamics affecting  leadership in organisations or networks that engage with the public on climate change.

To study this, I am convening a co-operative inquiry group whose members are exploring and learning about leadership together.

The aim is to improve understanding of what characterises leadership in organisations or networks that engage the public on climate change. I am bringing together a confidential group which will discuss and explore group members’ experiences of leadership in this context. 

The group consists of people in leadership roles, from different organisations, meeting regularly during 2019. Members are drawn from a wide range of organisations – from community groups to NGOs to networks and religious organisations.

The project is being conducted as part of my doctoral research at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, accredited by the University of Essex.

Interested in hearing more about the research? Please contact Rebecca Nestor.

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